Healers and health-care professionals

The oddity of healing as a business should be addressed.  The goal in healing is to regain or maintain a vibrant state of life.  The questions become, “How can this be done?” , “How can this be done most effectively?”,  ” How can this be done with the least expense and effort?” and “What methods are the least harmful to the person and the greater system?”.

The paradox of healing people for a living is that one hopes the person, now customer, doesn’t need to see you.  If they have to see you you hope they are are cured by seeing you once.  The latter is the goal because it means you were effective,  that your art is advanced enough to really work.  Even if the patient is healed by coming in and telling their story or by one treatment one hopes they will never have to see you again.  This of course is madness from a business perspective.  It is an unrealistic and unattainable ideal.    The ideal is useful, however, to measure how far one has strayed from it to a business model.  I believe this has to be kept in mind  just as much as things like achieving a robust traffic flow or how to keep customers coming back to you.

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